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Kaikai time on tiki tour

Friday May 29, 2015

George George and the team at CITC threw out a support line to provide a kaikai picnic for vaka voyagers during their island tiki tour on Wednesday.

Manihiki teacher honoured

Friday May 29, 2015

Ruamanu School students on the island of Manihiki are receiving the best education possible.

Vaka voyagers will be embraced by the people of Aitutaki this morning when Te Manava Vaka Festival opens on the island.

Serena set for Molokai solo

Friday May 29, 2015

Blistered hands are the norm for elite female paddler Serena Hunter.

Build up to league finals

Thursday May 28, 2015

A final run-through of game plans is the order this week for 2015 club league grand finals team.

Gold in mind for touch rugby

Thursday May 28, 2015

There are high expectations for the recently-named Pacific Games national women’s touch rugby squad to finish on the podium and win a gold medal.

Aitutaki athlete Maara Tuare has never let being deaf and mute hold him back.

Rain blesses vaka voyagers

Tuesday May 26, 2015

Rain in Avana on Monday morning was seen as a sign of voyaging ancestors blessing the official opening of the inaugural Te Manava Vaka Festival.

Challenging sea conditions on Saturday brought out the best in local paddlers.

The 2015 club netball defender of the year Luciana Matenga will captain the Cook Islands Black Pearls at next month’s Pacific Games in Papua New Guinea.

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