GAT, Nukz Power in lead

Wednesday March 11, 2020 Written by Published in Touch Rugby

The second round of the Vodafone Cook Islands Men’s and Women’s Touch Competition kicked off with two exciting young teams, newcomers Rakahanga and seasoned Team ATT. 


The game played at Nikao field saw plenty of speed with both teams showing off their fancy footwork and flair. But it was Team ATT that had better control on their game and were able to string together their set plays to score the points.  Team ATT managed to hold onto its lead to win the game three touch downs to Rakahanga’s two.

As anticipated the top two men’s teams, Germinators and GAT played at a fast and furious pace. Both teams boasting speedsters and excellent ball skills.

Both teams were well disciplined and made minimal errors but it came down to which team could defend better on the five metre line as this was the area where most of the touch downs in the game were scored. 

GAT began to dominate this area with Peter Marsters dictating the play well. Although the Germinators worked hard, they were unusually quiet and not on target with their long balls missing scoring opportunities out wide. GAT won convincingly 6-3. GAT goes into the second round of the Vodafone men’s competition unbeaten.

In the Vodafone women’s comp, the competition leader Nukz Power began their game well getting the first try on the board over FBI. 

FBI hit back with a good settle and a wrap to score. Both teams worked hard on attack and defence but it was Nukz Power that took the lead with some clever work from Rima Browne and Julz Westrupp. 

In the second half FBI had a lot of work to do in order to catch up. Both teams defended well but it was FBI that was caught offside allowing Nukz Power to get the first try in the second half taking the score to 4-2. 

A good rolling settle pattern got FBI into the Nukz Power five metres and spotting a tired Nukz player, a brilliant slow dummy sold by Taromi Urirau caught Nukz Power off guard and saw her stroll over the try line to get FBI back into the game. 

A turnover from Nukz Power in the last few minutes of the game gave FBI a chance to drive the ball up into the five metres zone and with some quick hands saw the ball beat the opposition for Charly to score in the corner for FBI finishing the game with a 4-all draw.

The second women’s game was between Niks and Bounty Hunters. This game really tested the fitness of both teams as they were playing with one sub each.   Bounty Hunters played their hearts out with Phillipa Smith starring in the 3-1 win.

The mixed competition will be held today.


Today – 5pm Field 1 ICI Transformers-Team ATT (mx), Field 2 Vodafone-007 (mx); 5.30pm Field 1 Tuanga Taporoporo-Mangaia (mx), Field 2 KAPS-BSP (mx)

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