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Monday March 09, 2020 Written by Published in Touch Rugby
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It was a hot as afternoon at the Nikao Fields for the Vodafone Cook Islands Mixed Touch competition.


The opening games saw ICI Transformers taking on the red hot Team Vodafone with ICI going in as the favourites and expected to win the game on paper. ICI is a balanced team boasting some experienced and very good touch players. 

While the final score shows an almost one-sided affair, Team Vodafone weathered the onslaught and got back at ICI with its very own valiant effort to break the ICI defence not once but twice, said Cook Islands Touch president Daphnie Brown.

On field 2 it was another workplace promoting healthy living and team building outside of the office: newcomers Tuanga Taporoporo playing KAPS who again this week began the game with just enough players.

Tuanga Taporoporo got early points on the board and went into the lead with two tries to KAPS’ nil. KAPS spent most of the first half defending and were able to claw back into the game as its reinforcements arrived taking the team to its full strength. 

In the second half the fitness of the KAPS players paid off.  KAPS dominated with the boys scoring some individual tries with speed on the outside, beating the Taporoporo wingers and busting through the middle of tiring defence. 

KAPS won 12 touchdowns to four.

The Vodafone mixed game of the night was the battle of AuAu Enua with both teams filled with youngsters boasting speed, steps and cheeky.

Brown said the game was played at full speed with the young boys of both teams trying to outdo each other with who had the best step.

However, Mangaia was able to get into a rhythm and with better directions settled into the game well to get points on the board early. The guidance of Annie Kauvarevai paid off for Mangaia giving them better go forward in order to execute its team moves and use its speedsters to get across the touch line.

On the other hand, Team ATT a solid performing team on its day just lacked a general to guide the youngsters around the field.  This team definitely has the strike power on the five-metre line but just needed some patience in order to get the points. 

The Peraua boys were again outstanding for Team ATT with their strike power on the five metres, Brown said. It was Mangaia that won the game in the end, with four touchdowns to Team ATT’s one. 

Today sees the Vodafone mens and womens begin the second round of their competition games.

Rakahanga vs Team ATT (m)

FBI vs Nukz Power (w, field 1)
Bounty Hunters vs NIKS (w, field 2)

Germinators vs GAT (m)

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