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Touch battle for top spot continues

Monday March 05, 2018 Written by Published in Touch Rugby
Foodland veteran Pozo Ngaroi led his team superbly against Elegi for a 9-3 win. 18030404. Foodland veteran Pozo Ngaroi led his team superbly against Elegi for a 9-3 win. 18030404.

The Bluesky Mixed Touch Competition held its regular Wednesday matches in sweltering heat last week, testing the composure of all teams playing in the first two rounds at Nikao Field.


The first teams to get the action underway were ICI Transformers and young guns 007, and it was ICI that settled into the game well under the guidance of touch stalwart Puna Hiro.

Playing a patient game, ICI managed to pressure the 007 defence by moving the ball through the field and relying on their speedsters Temaeva Mateariki and Shane Gardner to spot the gaps.

Despite the individual brilliance of Andy Kapi to help settle the talented youngsters down, ICI had enough on 007 to win the game by seven touchdowns to five.

Meanwhile, playing their catch-up game on field two was Team Transport and Team ATT men’s. The game was won by Team Transport 7-3.

Team Foodland continued its winning streak, romping home to win convincingly with nine touchdowns over Elegi’s three.

Leading the way for Foodland was the clever combination of father and daughter, Pozo Ngaroi and Paeru. He surprised Elegi with a quick two-man settle for speedy Paeru to dive over the try line.

It was a close and exciting low-scoring battle between Mangaia and health promoters Live Smart.

Both teams boasted fancy footwork and individual flair but it was an intercept by Mangaia that resulted in a two-all draw.

Team Transport held out a depleted Aroa T Bags, who were missing their experienced senior speedsters.   

Not letting their team down, the junior Aroa members took to the field and played a fantastic game, showing up their senior players.

However, the experience of Team Transport proved too much for the youngsters, with the team going down 5-8.

The game of the night was a thriller between the mighty NukzPower and the youthful Team ATT.

It was a contest for tries in the first half, with Team ATT in control, unsettling NukzPower and taking a 3-2 lead.

Both teams put on strong driving attacks and pressure on defence, but in the second half, NukzPower’s Tutai Ngametua talked her team into working on their game and holding onto possession.

They clawed it back and made the most of their opportunities to take the lead and run out eventual winners by one point. The final score was 6-5.

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