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Close battles in final round of mixed Touch

Sunday April 09, 2017 Written by Published in Touch Rugby
The mixed touch had their last round of preliminary games last week Wednesday. 17040957 The mixed touch had their last round of preliminary games last week Wednesday. 17040957

The Bluesky Mixed Touch Competition final rounds of games last week saw some thrilling matches between teams in race for a top-four finish.

The final round in the preliminary competition on Wednesday at Nikao Field kicked off with the social mixed games.

Up first was a full strength Top Kopz excited to improve its standing on the points table.

Unfazed, the depleted MFEM got into the game to score two quick touch downs, taking advantage of the unsettled Top Kopz.

Realising the situation, the Top Kopz sent in their speedsters, which paid the dividend as the side ran away 20-6 victors.  

NT Aroa did not had to break any sweat after winning by default over Bluesky in the other social match.

In the final social clash in the round, Team ATT and the Rehab Rascals had a close tussle.

The first touch downs for both teams came from cleverly executed plays to gain the extra points from the ladies touchdowns.

The tussle between these two teams went down to the wire finishing in a thrilling 3-all draw.

In the open mixed games, ICI Transformers took on Mangaia in the opening match, putting on another solid performance.

Combining well for ICI was Puna Hiro and Saki (Willie) Tora to catch the young Mangaia middles offside with too much speed and the old favourite plant and scoop to win comfortably 8-3.

TB and Southcoast match also proved an exciting one. Both teams were evenly matched and needing a win to improve their standings on the points table. 

Both teams bolstered their sides with touch imports, national rep Meza Adams and son Antonia for Southcoast and former national rep Conrad Piri for TB.  Both teams worked well to get to the five to set up for the quick plays. 

The game was an exchange of skills, speed and tries finishing in a 5-all draw.

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Social: MFEM 6 Top Kopz 20, NT Aroa 5 Bluesky 0, Rehab 4 Team ATT 5; Open Mixed: Nukz Power 0 007 5, ICI 6 Mangaia 3, TB 5 Southcoast Scorpions 5

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