Nukz vs Hunters in Touch final

Wednesday March 29, 2017 Written by Published in Touch Rugby
FBI’s Daphne Brown tries to get away from Bounty Hunters’ Tiare Enoka in the open women’s semifi nal at Nikao Field on Monday. The Hunters won 4-1. 17032831 FBI’s Daphne Brown tries to get away from Bounty Hunters’ Tiare Enoka in the open women’s semifi nal at Nikao Field on Monday. The Hunters won 4-1. 17032831

Defending champions Nukz Power are through to the Bluesky Open Touch Competition women’s final that will be played on Monday next week.


The side did not have to break any sweat in the semifinal on Monday at Nikao Field after their opponent Niks failed to turn up for the clash.

The second women’s semifinal between Bounty Hunters and a depleted FBI proved a thriller in the opening few minutes.

Bounty Hunters scored first through speedy Tiare Enoka to take an early lead, but FBI equalised soon after from a well-timed angle run into a gap by the hard working Ruta Savea.

FBI held Bounty Hunters 1-1 for a good part of the first half before losing grip.

In the second half, a determined Bounty Hunters pressed on with stalwarts Lora Tauira and Edith Nicholas leading the way to tire the hard working FBI middles. 

With quick plays on the five metres, Bounty Hunters were able to catch the FBI wingers off side to score two quick touch downs. 

Despite defending frantically in the dying stages of the match FBI - lacking subs - gave in to the dominating Bounty Hunters who won comfortably 4-1.

In the open men’s semifinal, Germinators had to be on top of their game to keep up with the lively Availables team led by their general Willie Tora.

“It was a close tussle with the Germinators opening the scoring, but the Availables equalised soon after with good support from young Toru Mateariki,” Cook Islands Touch president Daphne Brown said.

“It was quick thinking by Cajun Willis from a penalty that caught the Availables napping to take a 2-1 lead at half time.”

The Availables came out firing in the second half to again equalise the match 2-2 through the individual brilliance of young Mateariki. 

“The game was played with speed and skills but it was the Germinators trio of Andy Kapi, Peter Tare and Cajun Willis that found a little bit extra to snatch the game with two late touch downs to push Germinator over the try line, winning 4-2.”

In the open women’s final next week, Nukz Power will take on Bounty Hunters while the undefeated GAT will play defending champions Germinators in the men’s showdown.

Meanwhile in the lone mixed competition on Monday, Rehab Rascals continued their winning run beating the Top Kopz 10-7. 

Leading the way for the Rehab Rascals this week was Scotty Arlander on attack and defence supported by Papa Lee Ponini. 

The mixed competition will continue their second round games today.


5pm Field 1 007-Southcoast Scorpions (MX) (Referee: Terry/Smellie/Mark), Field 2 Team ATT-Bluesky (Mx) (Referee: Teina/Tua/Willie), Field 3 Juniors Game; 5.30pm Field 1 Nukz Power-ICI (MX) (Referee: Kris/Terry), Field 2 MFEM-NT Aroa (MX) (Referee: Tua/Smellie/Pozo); 6pm Field 1 TB-Mangaia (mx) (Referee: Mark/Smellie/Willie), Field 2 Referees debrief.


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