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Monday March 20, 2017 Written by Published in Touch Rugby

The Bluesky Mixed Competition completed its seventh week of round games with some exciting games at Nikao Field on Wednesday last week.


Kicking off the afternoon, the young Team ATT speedsters had to work hard to contain the impact players of the MFEM team in a close, evenly-matched game that went down to the wire with both teams cleverly looking for the extra points from the ladies’ touchdowns.

MFEM survived, winning 10-8.

In another evenly matched game, TB outscored ICI Transformers 8-7. 

The Bluesky Open Mixed Competition leaders 007 gave a polished performance in the first half to rack up five points to one against the improving Mangaia team.

However, Mangaia came back with a strong second half to score two touch downs and hold 007 to two late touch downs. 007 won 7-3.  

The game of the round was between Southcoast Scorpions and Nukz Power.

Both teams lacked numbers but fortunately the Nukz Power players trickled in to complete the team.

However Southcoast could only manage the minimum of three players on the field and one sub.

The four Southcoast brave hearts battled it out by cleverly working their three man plays to break the defence and rack up seven points against a full Nukz Power team.

Whilst the game was eventually won by Nukz Power 11-7, the Southcoast boys won the admiration for putting on a gallant effort.

The final exciting game of the night was between the Top Kopz and NT Aroa.

Both teams were evenly matched, boasting speed and wily steppers.

The clincher for NT Aroa was when Grafton made a break down the side line for a runaway try and had he passed the ball to Shannon, the game could have finished in a draw.

Top Kopz won 12-10.

The Bluesky Open competition will be held today at 5pm.

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Results; Team ATT 8 MFEM 10, Nukz Power 11 Southcoast Scorpions 7, TB 8 ICI 7, 007 7 Mangaia 3, NT Aroa 10 Top Kopz 12

Fixtures; 5pm Field 1 Niks-FBI (w) (Referee: Tua/Terry/Kris), Field 2 Germinators-Team 4 (m) (Referee: Simi/Koa), 2.40pm Field 1 Bounty Hunters-Nukz Power (w) (Referee: Koa/Simi), Field 2 AT-Availables (m) (Referee: Julz/Terry/Tua), 6.20pm Referees Debrief

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