And Tupapa triumph in football too …

Monday October 14, 2019 Written by Published in Soccer
Tupapa’s Dave Milanovic heads the ball back into Puaikura territory. 19101315 Tupapa’s Dave Milanovic heads the ball back into Puaikura territory. 19101315

Puaikura fell to Tupapa Maraerenga in the premier men’s division over the weekend, diminishing their chances at making a comeback this season.


Powerhouses Tupapa Maraerenga and Nikao Sokattak remain tied for points at the top of the table after picking up another win each.

The popular match between Puaikura and Tupapa was hosted at Raemaru park, where the two men’s teams fought out a compelling contest.

The tenacious match began quite slowly with possession and territory bouncing back and forth and nothing coming of it. It wasn’t until near the end of the first half where the first goal was scored by Grover Harmon from free kick outside the box.

The second half got underway with two goals finding the back of the net for Tupapa within the first 7 minutes of the second half whistle being blown. The two goals came from Mii Joseph and Peni Kitiona.

As the second half continued behavioral misconduct was becoming more and more prominent and yellow cards began to fly out of the referee’s pocket before the game calmed near the end.

Also near the end of the match, Puaikura picked up their first and only goal throughout the game from a freekick slotted in by Conroy Tiputoa. The match ended a 3-1 victory for the visitors Tupapa Maraerenga.

Puaikura’s loss in the men’s division was compensated in the senior women’s however, when the side handed Tupapa their first loss of the season.

Puaikura came out strong attacking the ball, dominating possession and taking territory as often as they could to enhance their chances of scoring goals. The side looked to be hungrier, more passionate and eager to win than Tupapa and managed to win possession quite often against the top team.

Puaikura went on to score two goals, one in each half to come away with the victory. Puaikura’s goals were scored by Valna Remuera (2).

At the Avatiu field, the hosts picked up their first points on the men’s points table securing their first win this season against Titikaveka. Avatiu defeated Titikaveka three goals to nil. Their goals were scored by Aturangi Putere (2) and Edward Nga.

On Friday, Matavera’s premier men took on top of the table Nikao Sokattak. Matavera fell heavily to the team which they nearly won against in the first round, going down 10 goals to 2.

Nikao’s goals were scored by Julius David (2), Charlie Poiri, Mark Leito, Samuel Koiatu (2), Alphy Ngire, Gabriel Ivirangi (2) and one own goal by Matavera. Matavera’s two goals were scored by Chris Whitiker.


Puaikura FC – Tupapa Maraerenga FC

Premier Men 1-3

Senior Women 2-0

U-17 Men 2-0

U14 Boys 1-0

U14 Girls 2-0

U11 Mixed 0-2

U9 Mixed 0-1

U7 Mixed 0-4

Avatiu FC – Titikaveka FC

Premier Men 3-0

Senior Women 1-1

U14 Boys 2-3

U14 Girls 4-0

U11 Mixed 0-1

U9 Mixed 10-0

U7 Mixed 4-2

Matavera-Ngatangiia – Nikao Sokattak FC

Premier Men 2-10

Senior women 0-5

U-17 Men’s 1-10

U14 Boys 0-0

U-14 Girls 1-0

U11 Mixed 1-1

U9 Mixed 0-9

U7 Mixed 2-5

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