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Tupapa is on the rise

Monday September 23, 2019 Written by Published in Soccer
Tupapa’s Grover Harmon in action against Nikao Sokattak. 19092278 Tupapa’s Grover Harmon in action against Nikao Sokattak. 19092278

Nikao Sokattak hosted Tupapa Maraerenga on Saturday in the battle for second spot on the points table.


Tupapa Maraerenga came out hard from the get go scoring their first goal of many in the 6th minute of the match when Grover Harmon headed home from a cross.

Scoring Tupapa’s second goal later in the first half was Avi Enoka who placed the ball into the top of the net from the corner. At the end of the second half the scores were sitting at 2 to nil in favour of Tupapa.

Tupapa, needing the win, came out harder in the second half eager to put the match out of reach.

The team scored another two goals from penalties taking the final score to 4-0. The first of the two was scored by Anthony Samuela, the second was a rebound goal scored by Lee Harmon.

Extending their lead on the women’s points table in the weekend was Tupapa Maraerenga. The Tupapa women put away Nikao Sokattak 4 goals to nil. Their goals were scored by Teretia Teinaki, Tatiana Atera, Kaylena Kermode and Kura Tare.

Also on Saturday, the Matavera premier men secured their first win of the season taking down Avatiu 1-0. The Matavera Senior women weren’t as fortunate on the other hand going down 4-0 to Avatiu.

On Friday afternoon, the Titikaveka Premier men took down Puaikura 1-0 showing their dominance so far this season, once again. Their senior women’s team however weren’t as lucky and fell to Puaikura two goals to nil.

Today and tomorrow the catch-up matches from the second-round fixture between Avatiu and Puaikura will be played at the Avatiu field. Kicking off the fixture at 4pm today will be the U14 Girls followed by the Premier Men at 5pm. Playing tomorrow at 4pm will be the U14 Boys followed by the Senior Women at 5pm.



Puaikura FC – Titikaveka FC

Premier Men 0-1

Senior Women 2-0

U-17 Men 22-0

U14 Boys 2-0

U14 Girls 7-0

U11 Mixed 0-3

U9 Mixed 1-0

U7 Mixed 5-0

Nikao Sokattak FC – Tupapa Maraerenga FC

Premier Men 0-4

Senior women 0-4

U-17 Men’s 2-3

U14 Boys 0-6

U-14 Girls 0-1

U11 Mixed 4-0

U9 Mixed 3-2

U7 Mixed 1-4

Matavera-Ngatangiia – Avatiu FC

Premier Men 1-0

Senior Women 0-4

U-17 Men’s 2-1

U14 Boys 0-11

U14 Girls 3-0

U11 Mixed 2-0

U9 Mixed 1-8

U7 Mixed 2-2


Monday 23rd September, 2019 at the Avatiu Field

4.00pm        Under 14 Girls    Avatiu FC vs Puaikura FC

   Ref: Maara Kaukura     Assist: Ngametua Taringa, Teretia Teinaki

5.00pm    Premier Men   Avatiu FC vs Puaikura FC

Ref: Maara Kaukura    Assist: Ngametua Taringa, Teretia Teinaki



Tuesday 24th September, 2019 at the Avatiu Field

4.00pm Under 14 BoysAvatiu FC vs Puaikura FC

Ref: Ua Savage                         Assist: Angelina Mitchell, Kura Smith

5.00pm  Senior Women            Avatiu FC vs Puaikura FC

  Ref: Lai Gukisuva                      Assist: Kura Smith, Angelina Mitchell


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