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Football festival a success

Monday April 29, 2019 Written by Published in Soccer
Aitutaki won the 2019 Kia Orana Youth Football Festival U16 girl’s division. 19042812 Aitutaki won the 2019 Kia Orana Youth Football Festival U16 girl’s division. 19042812

Clouds covered the skies with a slight breeze to cool the day. A supportive and entertaining crowd lit up the stadium as teams shined in their contest of the best.


Mauke and Takitumu were the first to play battling for third place in the Kia Orana Youth Football Festival U16 girl’s division.

After a restless week of football, the two teams gave it their all one last time.

A performing Mauke side started on the front foot, holding territory and attacking constantly.

Their efforts paid off meriting them with a goal to win the game for a third place finish.

Next to play was the epic tournament rivalry between Araura Enua and Tupapa Maraerenga.

The two sides played each other in the group stage in an exciting game which Tupapa won.

This time around the scores were level at full time and a penalty shoot-out was taken to decide the outcome.

Aitutaki, determined to get back at Tupapa, scored all their goals and came out on top after an unfortunate miss by the Tupapa side.

The next game was a battle of the best U16 girl’s teams in the tournament, Puaikura and Aitutaki.

Both teams had won all their games throughout the tournament to face each other in the final match for the 2019 Kia Orana Youth Football Festival U16 girl’s trophy.

Puaikura was strong on the attack while Araura was quick on the counter. Araura managed to break through the Puaikura defence line to score the only goal in the final to win the tournament.

The final match of the tournament was between Puaikura and Takitumu for the U16 boy’s title.

It was dominated mostly by the skillful Puaikura boys who maintained their undefeated status throughout the tournament.

Puaikura dominated possession and territory throughout the final game to score three goals against Takitumu’s one.

CIFA’s competitions manager, Pauline Dean, thanked all teams for participating.

“The festival was an opportunity for both the players and supporters to witness the level of skill and interest among our youth for the beautiful sport of football. Just one of a few opportunities for youth football development in the country.”

- CIFA Media


U16 Women’s Mauke 1 Takitumu 0, Puaikura FC 0 Aitutaki 1; U16 Men’s –Aitutaki 1 Tupapa Maraerenga FC 1 (Penalty 5-4), Puaikura 3 Takitumu 1. Festival results – U16 Women’s – 1st place: Aitutaki, 2nd Place: Puaikura FC, 3rd Place: Mauke; U16 Men’s – 1st place: Puaikura FC, 2nd Place: Takitumu, 3rd Place: Aitutaki

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