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Tupapa ready for Sokattak

Sunday October 21, 2018 Written by Published in Soccer
Tupapa Maraerenga will host Nikao Sokattak in the football clash today. 18101937 Tupapa Maraerenga will host Nikao Sokattak in the football clash today. 18101937

A thrilling premier men’s game is expected to be played at Victoria Park today between host Tupapa Maraerenga and Nikao Sokattak.


Currently leading in the 2018 Round Cup, Tupapa Maraerenga have proven lethal so far and much attention will centre on this team as they look to run away with the lead in the competition.

Nikao Sokattak coach Alex Napa, will no doubt amp up the Sokattak’s performance and confidence as they head on to the pitch today with key strikers Julius David and Mark Leito eager to find the back of the net.

For Tupapa Maraerenga, it is without a doubt that they will look to further their lead with a win over a talented Nikao Sokattak outfit

Sokattak defence will have to keep an eye on Tupapa Maraerenga football club’s forwards Paavo Mustonen, and Geoffrey Strickland who both consistently find the back of the net and are sure to keep Sokattak’s defence on their toes. 

With both sides on a high following their win against their opposing teams last week, Sokattak and Tupapa are no doubt looking to repeat their winning performance when they face each other today.

The other premier men’s match will see Matavera take on Titikaveka at the Takitumu School field in Matavera.

In the Islander senior women’s match at 2.30pm, Titikaveka will be battling Matavera.

Today’s fixture commences at 12.30pm in the under-14 girl’s division followed by the U14 boys.

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Takitumu School, Matavera: Matavera FC-Titikaveka FC – 12.30pm Under 14 Girls (Ref: Kura Smith, Assist: Emilie Pierce, Pierce Iripa), 1.30pm Under 14 Boys (Ref: Amnish Prasad, Assist: Robert. J. Savage, Amene Urirau), 2.30pm Senior Women (Ref: Lai Gukisuva, Assist: Emilie Pierce, Amene Urirau), 4pm Premier Men (Ref: Terry Piri, Assist: Amnish Prasad, Bim Tou); Tupapa Maraerenga FC-Nikao Sokattak FC at the Victoria Park, Tupapa – 12.30pm Under 14 Girls (Ref: Kimiora Makitae, Assist: Angelina Mitchell, Tione Nand), 1.30pm Under 14 Boys (Ref: Noel Mani, Assist: Tione Nand, Angelina Mitchell), 2.30pm Senior Women (Ref: Kimiora Makitae, Assist: John Pareanga, Maara Kaukura), 4pm Premier Men (Ref: Maara Kaukura, Assist: Noel Mani, John Pareanga).

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