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Puaikura, Nikao looking for win

Saturday September 29, 2018 Written by Published in Soccer
Nikao Sokattak and Puaikura will be looking to get that winning feeling when they clash this afternoon. 18092819 Nikao Sokattak and Puaikura will be looking to get that winning feeling when they clash this afternoon. 18092819

The Puaikura premier men’s soccer team returns to the field this afternoon for a match against Nikao Sokattak at the CIFA Complex. The game is scheduled for a 4pm start.


Both sides are coming off Round cup competition defeats last weekend. Puaikura went down narrowly away to Tupapa Maraerenga 1-0, while Nikao Sokattak were beaten on the away 3-1 by Titikaveka.

Against Titikaveka, Nikao Sokattak had plenty of the ball but they lost it in key areas and, if they continue to do that, Puaikura will be the one to hurt them.

There’s no shortage of motivation for either team today. With eight games left on their Round cup competition schedule, Puaikura needs to climb the Van’s Premier Men’s division standings in a hurry in order to secure the title at the seasons end.

Nikao Sokattak need a massive win to boost their title hopes. Picking that up this weekend could provide the momentum needed to finish the season strong

With a quick turnaround, Nikao Sokattak and Puaikura will be looking to hit the ground running and get back that winning feeling.

At the Titikaveka field we have a battle of two top teams in round seven football action in the Islander Senior Women’s division at 2:30p.m.

Expect nothing less than fireworks from this one, as it pits two top offenses against each other.

Today’s Clashes will be held at the CIFA Complex and at the Teimurimotia Park in Titikaveka. The first match kicks off at 12:30pm with the U-14 Girls.

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Today at Titikaveka Field, Titikaveka FC vs Avatiu FC.

Under-14 girls, 12.30pm, Ref: Bim Tou, Assist: Amene Urirau, Kataraina Piri, under-14 boys, 1.30pm, Ref: Tupou Patia, Assist: Robert. J. Savage, Amnish Prasad, senior women, 2.30pm, Ref: Robert Savage         Assist: Emilie Pierce, Amene Urirau, premier men, 4.00pm, Ref: Tupou Patia, Assist: Amnish Prasad, Robert Savage.

Today at the CIFA complex, Matavera, Puaikura FC vs Nikao Sokattak FC.

Under-14 girls, 12.30pm, Ref: Kimiora Makitae, Assist: Edmund Tupuna, Tione Nand, under-14 boys, 1.30pm, Ref: Noel Mani, Assist: Kura Smith, Moeroa Harmon, senior women, 2.30pm, Ref: Kimiora Makitae, Assist: Moeroa Harmon, Maara Kaukura, premier men, 4.00pm, Ref: John Pareanga          Assist: Noel Mani, Maara Kaukura.

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