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Quality soccer contest expected at Avatiu

Thursday August 30, 2018 Written by Published in Soccer

Avatiu is set to host the third lot of mid-week matches today in the Rarotonga Round Cup Competition as they take on Tupapa Maraerenga at the Avatiu sports field.


The U-14 Boys division kicks off the fixture at 4pm, followed by the senior women’s clash at 5pm.

The first two rounds of the Rarotonga football competition has given all teams an early indication on the quality of competition, so they are aware it will be a tough battle to claim the top spot on the table.

With teams preparing, making adjustments to their strategies and polishing their football skills, these upcoming games are expected to produce tough and thrilling football action.

            - CIFA Media


Today at Avatiu Field:

Under-14 Boys 4.00pm, Avatiu FC vs Tupapa Maraerenga FC (Ref: Robert Savage, Assist: Robert. J. Savage, Lai Gukisuva). Senior women 5pm: Avatiu FC vs Tupapa Maraerenga FC (Ref: Lai Kukisuva, Assist: Robert Savage, Maara Kaukura.

Tomorrow at Avatiu Field:

Under-14 girls 4.00pm, Avatiu FC vs Tupapa Maraerenga FC (Ref: Amnish Prasad, Assist: Kataraina Piri, Jake Browne). Premier men 5pm: Avatiu FC vs Tupapa Maraerenga FC (Ref: John Pareanga, Assist: Amnish Prasad, Maara Kaukura).

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