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Twelve teachers took part in the three-day Just Play training course last month. 18030610 Twelve teachers took part in the three-day Just Play training course last month. 18030610

A successful training course was held for 12 Just Play teachers at the CIFA complex in Matavera last month.

The three-day training course had educators from across six schools attend the training programme.

The course included group work, discussions, interactive activities and fun practical sessions, all based on the key social areas of health, gender, disability and child protection, as well as measuring social change through monitoring and evaluation tools.

Participants worked together to find ways to deliver the key messages in a creative and enjoyable approach while keeping it simple for children. 

Forty-five children joined the participants on the final day for a fun packed two-hour practical session.

In extreme heat, the participants gained plenty of experience delivering their messages and fun games to a variety of age groups.

And both the children and teachers had loads of fun.

The need to keep hydrated was a strong message that was delivered and the children consumed a huge amount of drinks during their activities.

All the participants completed the training course and were keen to begin delivering sessions in their respective schools.

The new teaching principal of Palmerston Lucky School joined the training course while she waited for the departure of her boat to the island.

“It will be exciting to see the progress of all these teacher as they roll out their programmes over the next few months,” said Just Play project manager Michelle Paiti.

Paiti acknowledges the New Zealand and Australian governments, UEFA Foundation for Children and UNICEF for their continued funding, along with all the principals for their support in allowing teachers to participate in the training course and deliver the activities within their schools.

She also thanks Apii Takitumu parents for their continued support in allowing their children to participate during courses.

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