Cheering loudest on the sideline, laughing together after the game

Friday November 01, 2019 Written by Published in Rugby Union
Urau Nicholas. 19103129 [BACK LEFT] Urau Nicholas. 19103129 [BACK LEFT]

Sevens, sports, they’re all a way of life.


Urau Nicholas will be at the Raro Sevens cheering loudly for the Avatiu Eels team – active support is her life.

Her late husband Albert Nicholas, the former MP, was heavily involved in sport, and so are all her children: Clive, Lui, Edith are all household rugby, league, football and netball.

Sports is a must, we must keep it alive for the next generation, she belives. It helps bring the community together no matter what your beliefs are, it keeps the village spirit alive, and brings a sense of pride and togetherness.

“Sports is life, it always has been. Whatever sport you choose is healthy, you should not live life without it, and sport brings people together.”

Nicholas has always been involved in team exercises; growing up she was and still is passionate about netball.

“Just being there, taking the day off from household chores, it’s good, it’s energising.

“It’s not just about the players on the day, it’s everyone who is involved, the spectators, those who care…”

Nicholas believes when you have the passion to commit, support and contribute to sport in whatever way you can, you will feel uplifted, and have a sense of pride, “it has to come from within, from inside your heart.”

She has been an avid follower of the Raro 7s since their inception 30 years ago, and looks forward to watching the games.

Being a vocal spectator on the sidelines, cheering and the screaming (“at times, you’ve got to be louder than the mamas on the opposing side!”) is all part of game day.

“At the end of the game, we mamas can still laugh together.”

Nicholas has noticed the changes with the 7s tournaments over the years, with fewer young people participating.

Time brings change, these days people are too busy working, that’s the way it is, she says.

Fewer people involved contributes to the decline of sport, not just the players but also the supporters attending the games to cheer on their teams. “It’s sad.”

She says we should all do our best and be there and keep our kids and grandchildren keen, and to come together as a community.

It is not only the players who commit to the world of sport – there are also those behind the scenes, those who encourage, those who help with the fundraisers, the uniforms … those who have done this for so many years.


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