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So, who is Alan then?

Friday November 22, 2019

Their name may stick in your throat – but Cook Islanders will embrace the heartfelt passion behind this visiting international vaka crew.

We are a motley group of paddlers, many novices, who are excited about a visit to the Cook Islands, being involved in an amazing event.

The world comes to Raro

Friday November 22, 2019

In its 16-year history, Vaka Eiva has linked Cook Islands Maori back to their voyaging heritage – and to share it internationally. 

Paddling and dancing in the blood

Friday November 22, 2019

When he was at school, Tamaiva Mateariki used to paddle vaka. He would marvel at the view of the island from the sea.

More than paddling vaka

Thursday November 21, 2019

Every year Vaka Eiva draws hundreds of people to Rarotonga to celebrate Oe Vaka and learn about Cook Islands culture.

Tokyo drift

Tuesday November 12, 2019

Kayakers hoping to represent the Cook Islands at 2020 Olympics.

Ngakau Toa Vaka (NTV) junior paddlers’ open day was held last Saturday. Children between 8 and 15 years old were invited down to Nikao beach for an introduction to one of the Cook Islands most recognised sports, oe vaka.

NTV to hold junior day

Saturday April 06, 2019

The Ngakau Toa Vaka (NTV) Canoeing Club will be holding its junior open day today at Nikao beach (across from First Windows).

The Te Tupu O Te Manava Outrigger Canoeing Club open day over the weekend attracted a good turnout.

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