Rashneel Kumar

Rashneel Kumar

Workers welcome China deal

Saturday June 15, 2019

Construction has been on a go-slow, so first dibs on China projects will help local economy, reports Rashneel Kumar.

There need be no contradiction between protection and exploitation of our seafloor says minister. Rashneel Kumar reports.

Groups of New Zealand school students will be visiting the Cook Islands in a bid to learn more about their own Maori heritage.

Ousted MP to return as fisheries minister, provoking political attacks, reports Rashneel Kumar.

Mistakes can be costly, and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management received a timely reminder of that this week.

A Crown minister with her own properties in Rarotonga is occupying one of the sought-after government houses.

Counselling helps meth addicts beat their habit; sending them to prison doesn’t

Disputes with landowners over the multi-million dollar Te Mato Vai project can be resolved, government says.

A new high-tech CT scanner could save lives by allowing doctors to quickly diagnose patients’ illness and injuries in Rarotonga.

Government will move to amend its Budget today, to provide an extra $300,000 for refurbishments to Parliament’s debating chamber.

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