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Wednesday August 05, 2020 Written by Published in Other Sports
arotonga bowling club member Matina Akaruru watches veteran bowler William Powell. 20080304/05 arotonga bowling club member Matina Akaruru watches veteran bowler William Powell. 20080304/05

Thirty-two teams are expected to compete in the Rarotonga Bowling Club business house tournament that starts tomorrow (Thursday).

The tournament will run for six weeks from August 6th to September 10th on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

Each team will play 12 games during the six weeks of the competition.

Note that there will be no “dead ends”, meaning - if the Jack (small white ball) goes out of bounds, it will then be brought back to the two-metre mark.

Tournament points are – three points for win, one point for draw and zero for loss.

The winners will be determined by the highest aggregate score over their 12 games. In the event of teams having the same number of tournament points at the end of the competition, the team with the highest total points scored, will be the winner.

Club treasurer Geoff Tama would like to remind bowlers that, “our greens are just grass, so please - no heavy boots, sprigs, high-heels or any sharp implements that could damage our green.”

Players are encouraged to bring along a cloth to clean the bowls in between the deliveries, to wipe away dirt and keep your hands clean.

Teams can practice between 3pm and 4.30pm on Thursdays and Fridays, pending on the availability of rinks.

Tournament director Nooroa Teipo will oversee the games, scores, handicaps, competition rules, umpires and all things related to the playing and tracking of the games. He can be reached on phone 51299.

For further information including song requests for the DJ, or for waiters during intense games, contact the “Happiness Coordinator” Geoff Tama on phone 74330.


Thursdays teams are: 1 Palmy girls, 2 Aroa Adventurers, 3 Palmy sidekicks, 4 100% Wale (Team 4), 5 100% Wale (Team 3), 6 100% Wale (Team 2), 7 100% Wale (Team 1), 8 Big Chill, 9 INTAFF Empower, 10 INTAFF Elevate, 11 K-OS, 12 Western Force, 13 Wahoo Wonders, 14 Kitty Hawks, 15 Thirst Ladies, 16 Kaiora OPM.

Friday’s teams are: 1 Vonnia’s, 2 Titikaveka Rambo's, 3 Clean Team, 4 Little and Matysik Lawyers, 5 Palmy darlings, 6 TOA Gas, 7 Vonnias-Shed Team, 8 Lamb Chops, 9 Vonnias 2, 10 Pork Chops, 11 Triton's Mermaids, 12 Vaka Card, 13 Fave, 14 BSP, 15 Culture Tai, 16 CITTI.

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