No love lost: Cowan vs Robinson

Saturday August 24, 2019 Written by Published in Other Sports
Ngatangiia’s Liam Cowan in a prefight staredown with Koko Robinson of New Zealand ahead of tonight’s Rumble in the Swamp battle. 19082388 Ngatangiia’s Liam Cowan in a prefight staredown with Koko Robinson of New Zealand ahead of tonight’s Rumble in the Swamp battle. 19082388

There will be no love lost when cousins Liam Cowan and Koko Robinson battle each other in the main bout of the Rumble in the Swamp tonight.


The two boxers will go toe-to-toe for the Rarotonga Super Heavyweight title at Avatiu Sports Club.

Robinson said he heard about Cowan and knew they were related. The two met for the first time at the weigh in yesterday.

“I knew we are kind of relatives but this is the first time I’m meeting him,” the New Zealand-based Robinson said after the weigh in.

“We will be friends after the fight but in the ring, we will do what we have been trained to do. There will be no love lost between us when we take the ring.”

At the weigh in, Robinson tipped 99kg while Cowan was way up the scale at 120kg.

Cowan said he is hoping for a good fight against one of his own in tonight’s programme.

“My uncles, they call me the ‘Heartbreaker Kid’ because I was born on the Valentine’s Day,” Cowan said, with a laugh.

“I will go out there and do my best. I have been training hard, especially for the past two weeks and a half and I’m ready to fight.”

Both Robinson and Cowan are orthodox. Robinson has two amateur fights under his belt while Cowan has fought, as he says, “more than enough fights”.

In height and reach, the New Zealand-based boxer will have an advantage but Cowan, who represents Ngatangiia Boxing Club, has some heavy punches.

“I thank all my families and supporters who have come to support us at the weigh in and I urge them to come and see the fight. I also thank my uncle and his two businesses Koka Lagoon and Raro Weld for his support,” Cowan said.

Robinson thanked his Auckland-based Goodfellas Boxing Gym and trainer who was unable to make it to Rarotonga.

Meanwhile in the main supporting bout, Papua New Guinea’s Sheela Yama, who is representing Tupapa, will take on Bernie King of Avatiu.

Entry fee to the event is $15 for adults (16 plus) and $70 for VIP pass. The fight starts at 6pm.



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