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Hanging around in boats

Tuesday February 05, 2019 Written by Published in Other Sports
Hanging around in boats

A typically hot Rarotongan day was put on for the Rarotonga Sailing Club’s open day on Saturday.


Despite the light breeze, water craft of all shapes and sizes were rigged and on the lagoon.

Experienced sailors were on hand to provide those new to sailing the opportunity to have a ride.

The open day attracted many new potential sailors and the club was delighted with the turn out.

Many people expressed an interest in taking part in the learn-to-sail programme which the club offers and a few signed up as members.

For those interested in sailing, or learning how to sail, or keen to join the Rarotonga Sailing Club as members, information can be found at Sails Restaurant in Muri.

Or come down to the sailing club on a Saturday morning and ask one of the friendly coaches.

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