Calm approach helps fight win

Wednesday November 21, 2018 Written by Published in Other Sports

HOURS before her first Muay Thai boxing fight, a main card event in front of her friends and family no less, Melissa Becejski said her nerves were buzzing.


But just 10 minutes before entering the ring at the Hula Bar fight night on Saturday, she managed to calm herself, before cruising to a third-round points decision win against her New Zealand opponent.

In an interview with CINews this week Australian born Becejski said she had plenty of support from her Cook Islands husband Terry, a former Muay Thai world title contender and kick boxing fighter in New Zealand and Australia, with over 40 fights under his belt before retiring.

Although the former professional was out of the game when they met at a Sydney gym, Becejski said he slowly got back into the sport over the last 14 years that they’ve been together, and along the way she also started working out with him.

The pair moved to Terry’s home in Rarotonga around 12 months ago where her training excelled to the point, that with the added encouragement of Muay Thai Cook Islands’ Tabitha Ahsin, she was able to step up into the ring.

After taking out her first event on Saturday, the fulltime fitness trainer says she looks forward to next year’s international event against a fellow Australian, and leading Muay Thai classes at her Nesia Gym in Nikao in the meantime.   

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