TEAM prove to be volleyball team to beat

Wednesday October 11, 2017 Written by Published in Other Sports

In Pool A last week, Kia Orana Salon were disappointed not to have pulled an upset over TEAM as they outscored their opponents for most of the game, but eventually the class of the Prime Foods Mixed Social League Volleyball shone through.


TEAM’s win places them firmly at the top of Pool A, on 46 points, though their lead is a tenuous two points, so they cannot afford to rest on their laurels.

Goofam just managed to eke out a win against Charlie’s Akari by two points, putting them in third equal place with Kia Orana Salon.

Kangahua were able to bounce back after a disappointing loss with a solid six-point win over Nukz Power 1, putting them in second place.

In Pool B, Matman again showed their winning form against Ohana, beating them by 29 points.

Pool C contenders Sarafui saw their five-game winning streak fall by the wayside as they were toppled by Green Machine, 71-67.

No games will be played today or next Wednesday (October 18) due to players and officials being involved in the Manea Games in Mitiaro.

            - CIVF/ Conor Leathley


West Sides Wild Ones 2 beat Nukz Power 3 94-65; Allstarz beat Squats 72-63; Goofam beat Charlie’s Akari 66-64; Kangahua beat Nukz Power 1 68-54; Swalala beat Woodies 74-64; Green Machine beat Sarafui 71-67; Team Helz drew with Totara Spikerz 70-70; Simmons beat Spikeaiderz 79-71; Matman beat Ohana 81-50; TEAM beat Kia Orana Salon 60-54; Nukz Power 2 beat West Sides Wild Ones 1 82-71; Hit n Miss beat NPK 71-60.


Pool A: 1st on 46pts is TEAM, 2nd on 44pts is Kangahua; 3rd on 43 pts is Goofam and Kia Orana Salon, 5th on 42pts is Hit n Miss, 6th on 38pts is Charlie’s Akari and Nukz Power 1 and 8th on 33pts is NPK

Pool B: 1st on 43pts is Matman, 2nd on 35pts is Squats, West Sides Wild Ones 1 and Allstarz, 5th on 34pts is Ohana; 6th on 31pts is West Sides Wild Ones 2, 7th on 29pts is Nukz Power 3 and 8th on 25pts is Nukz Power 2.

Pool C: 1st on 36pts is Team Helz, 2nd on 34pts is Sarafui, 3rd on 29pts is Green Machine, 4th on 26pts is Totara Spikerz, 5th on 23pts is Swalala, 6th on 21pts is Simmons, 7th on 19pts is Spikeaiderz and 8th on 18points is Woodies.


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