Top teams need to be wary

Wednesday September 13, 2017 Written by Published in Other Sports

Last week was business as usual for the top teams in the Prime Foods Mixed Social League Volleyball, but they should still be wary as the next upset may just be around the corner.


Kia Orana Salon, who had a resounding win last week 79-67 over NPK will be in the sights of Hit N Miss, who had an unexpected win over the fifth-ranked Goofam.

Goofam had been the darlings of the league in the recent weeks, having toppled both the top team, Kangahua, and the second-placed Kia Orana Salon, but last week’s result halted their momentum.

They will look to get back on track against Nukz Power 1, who were overpowered 84-60 in their match against TEAM, who will square off against the number one seed Kangahua.

One match to keep an eye on will be the Sarafui vs Totara Spikerz.

While neither team has had gangbuster seasons, Sarafui nearly broke the century mark in their win last week, scoring 95 points, and may look to light up the scoreboard again to put the rest of the league on notice.


5.30pm: Court 1 - Sarafui vs Totara Spikerz, Court 2 - Swalala vs Spikeaiderz, Court 3 - Matman vs West Sides Wild Ones 2. 6.20pm: Court 1 - NPK vs Charlies Akari, Court 2 - Nukz Power 2 vs Squats, Court 3 - Team Helz vs Woodies. 7.10pm: Court 1 - Goofam vs Nukz Power 1, Court 2 - Nukz Power 3 vs West Sides Wild Ones 1, Court 3 - Allstarz vs Ohana. 8.00pm: Court 1 - Kia Orana Salon vs Hit n Miss, Court 2 - Simmons vs Green Machine, Court 3 - Kangahua vs TEAM

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