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Kid’s fishing comp ends on high note

Monday September 02, 2013 Written by Published in Other Sports
Kid’s fishing comp ends on high note

Eighty-one children aged 5 to 12 participated in the Aitutaki fishing competition recently.

The kids were divided into four categories: 12-9 years, 9-7, 7-5, and 5 years onwards.

They used bamboo rods and fished next to the road.

After a tiring day fishing, the kids got to indulge in some treats with the aid of some generous sponsors.

“We had sausage sizzles and ice cream for the kids. We got sponsorship for $1100 from Popoara rentals, Tony Greenan, Rick and Lind, Adrian Vakala and Butch Leon and meals were provided by the Aitutaki Fishing club,” said Aitutaki Fishing Club president Clive Baxter.

Each child that participated went back home with a gift.

“The five year olds got an envelope with $5 in it and the above five’s got an envelope with $10 in it – so no one went empty handed,” said Baxter.

The winner was gifted with a rod and reel and two tackle boxes with fishing hooks.

The competition proved to be a success and the president of the club conveyed his sentiments: “I would like to thank all the sponsors and we are looking to do another competition around December.”

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