Rashneel Kumar

Rashneel Kumar

Damaging runs and hard hits

Monday February 24, 2020

Indiscipline made Eels’ job all the harder.

The rugby codes are fighting to survive the flight of young Cook Islanders overseas and their remaining players being pillaged by football – but like these islands, they say, they are resilient. 

Sea Eagles to face tough Eels at home

Saturday February 22, 2020

Muri’s Nukupure Park will today host a ‘clash of the titans’ affair between arch-rivals in domestic rugby league competition.

Outgoing water chief ‘faced challenging issues not of his own making’.

Regulator ready for new telco

Saturday February 22, 2020

The official process of inviting a potential telecom operator to rival Vodafone Cook Islands will begin next month.

Government asks for more money

Saturday February 22, 2020

MPs will vote on whether to dip into next year’s Budget to address about $5m shortfall for pipeline works.

Badminton Cook Islands under-19 team is back home from a successful trip to Ballarat Australia.

Banned football high-flier says cash, gifts and flights for Oceania board members were Pacific culture and custom.

Vehicle for healthy change

Thursday February 20, 2020

The Pacific Sporting Partnership programme aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle continues to grow in the Cook Islands.

‘We have only ourselves to blame’

Thursday February 20, 2020

The community has failed to address the causes of road smashes – and that’s why there is now no choice but to put in place a helmet law to minimise the tragic effects of the crashes.

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