Rashneel Kumar

Rashneel Kumar

Jetstar up in the air

Thursday June 11, 2020

Budget airline Jetstar has started selling tickets to Rarotonga as early as next month.

Winter arrives early

Thursday June 11, 2020

Cool season is here and experts are warning of a potential spike in cold, flu and asthma.

Tough path to Rugby World Cup

Tuesday June 09, 2020

Tonga and Samoa major hurdles in Cook Islands’ bid to make it through to the 2023 Rugby World Cup. 

Ma‘uke is set to receive its first ambulance, courtesy of the Japanese government.

Gunning for top spot

Monday June 08, 2020

Touch competition heads into showdown with top teams in the run for the main prize.

Pay package for new police

Monday June 08, 2020

New police recruits are receiving an additional $1057 following the implementation of the new government pay structure.

A blessing in disguise

Saturday June 06, 2020

Cook Islands Rugby Union’s new president says Covid-19 shifted their focus to local competition and grassroots development.

Rugby star Matt Johnson has come off life support after multiple open heart surgeries in Auckland this week. 

Some regular visitors to Cook Islands are back – and earlier than expected. Covid-19 travel restrictions are still keeping tourists away, but the mighty humpbacks have returned.

Cook Islander Dave Rennie will start his term as the new Wallabies head coach next month.

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