Netball announces new academy members

Thursday June 07, 2018 Written by Published in Netball
Ten new athletes have been added to the National Netball Academy after trials last weekend. 18060627a Ten new athletes have been added to the National Netball Academy after trials last weekend. 18060627a

Netball Cook Islands have announced new members to join the National Netball Academy.

After trials last weekend held at the Tupapa courts, 10 new players were added to the academy.

Netball Cook Islands’ country co-ordinator John Glassie said the high standard of players meant they added extra to the academy.

“The trial was a great success, with a number of very talented players attending,” said Glassie.

“Initially we were only going to select six athletes, however the number of participants exceeded expectations and so we selected 10 athletes.”

As part of the trials, the current national academy members were tasked with teaching the triallists drills.

This was so the selectors could see how quickly the athletes picked up the drill, as well as giving the current members a chance to grow their coaching skills.

“The academy athletes did a fantastic job of coaching the new players and demonstrating the correct techniques,” said Glassie.

“We continue to empower our young athletes to coach and umpire their peers, which gives the squad members the necessary skills to teach others in their clubs and communities,” he added.

To finish the trials, the current academy members and triallists also took part in match play, to show how the new girls matched up against the current squad.

The current academy members also helped to umpire the games, and will continue to work towards gaining umpire accreditation this year.

Glassie said that at the end of the year they are hoping to bring over the national academy girls in Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria to go up against the Rarotonga-based players in an effort to further grow talent for Netball Cook Islands.


New National Netball Academy members: Tcshana Tatira (Aitutaki), Romehael Rauraa, Kimiora Ona-Williams, Eva Patai, Cyprus Toa, Daimzel Rongokea, Tiare Enoka, Nicol Tiaore, Alofa Kirikava, Terangi Taio.

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