Making league an even better game

Saturday February 09, 2019 Written by Published in League

Taua Benioni has been appointed the Asia-Pacific Rugby League Confederation (APRLC) representative to the Cook Islands.


The former Cook Islands Rugby League Association (CIRLA) is its new technical advisor to the regional body.

Benioni will work alongside the CIRLA and report the progress of the game to APRLC.

The confederation is keen to establish a working relationship with CIRLA through the seven premier club representatives, administrators and the Cook Island Rugby League Referees Association.

Benioni, who was national league body’s competition co-ordinator, said CIRLA have identified areas of concern for this coming 2019 season and have asked for all club representative to support “Making it an even better game: Rugby League” concept.

“Rules of the game have always been there from the start, but to be adhered to and enforced is another story. CIRLA will be running a workshop introducing a preventative maintenance and an awareness programme concerning the rules and responsibility,” he said.

“This is a perfect time to have the workshop. The CIRLA competitions very first match will kick off this weekend and people playing their roles within their team and the game will have a fresh understanding as we work towards making it an even better game.”

The workshop will be held Monday at the Ministry of Internal Affairs conference room in Tupapa, starting at 5pm.

“An awareness programme on safety, responsibilities, roles and regulations are some areas that will be discussed amongst all. The introduction and focus is through our premiers and reserve grade level as they are CIRLA’s role models and a perfect pathway sending messages down through the other lower grades,” Benioni said.

“I look forward and glad that the CIRLA has agreed to conduct the workshop.  What’s to come out of this will hopefully bring more awareness and assurance within all and the game of rugby league.”

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