Squash business house competition underway

Monday May 06, 2019 Written by Published in Sports
Brett Baudinet. 19050544 Brett Baudinet. 19050544

The BSP Squash Business House tournament started a month ago with seven teams representing players of all levels from beginners to advanced players.


Cook Island Squash president Brett Fisher said as always, BSP have been a major supporter of the Rarotonga squash community and the main sponsor again for the business house competition.

“They even have pulled out their best accountants to try and calculate the game for the first time,” Baudinet said.

“Scoring is based on a handicapped system so that lower graded players would have a fair starting point against the better players. The new format this year has worked really well and we have seen a few of our top players get beat but much lower grade players which keeps it exciting.”

The weekly competition is a round-robin format played every Thursday from 4.30pm with all teams playing each other before a play-off draw is formed, Baudinet said.

“It is still early stages of the tournament, but the defending champs BSP are looking strong with several teams hovering around the top rank so far.”

Baudinet also said they were hosting two BSP Squash Business House competitions this year to assist, not only the members and the community with fun events, but to also help prepare for the major Cook Islands Open in October.

“This is the first event and we will be hosting another one in August/September before the Open. So feel free to come and have a watch to see if you would like to be part of this fun event and sport.

“There is about five weeks of play left and we highly encourage people who are keen to see how this fun sport is played to come along. Bring your kids too! Rain, wind or shine, we can always play which makes this sport a lot of fun.”

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