Warriors saga takes ugly turn

Wednesday April 18, 2018 Written by Published in Sports

The gloves are off in the fight to buy the Warriors, with the head of a US-Tongan bid on Wednesday accusing rival Auckland Rugby League chairman Cameron McGregor of racism.


Hawaiian politician and businessman Richard Fale also claims McGregor is at the heart of attempts to derail his consortium's bid, believed to be as much as $24 million.

The two groups are locked in bitter competition to buy the Warriors from businessman Eric Watson, but Fale says criticism of his consortium by club supporters in an online fan forum is being driven by ARL loyalists furthering a racist agenda led by McGregor.

Fale claims McGregor told him he was against Pacific Islanders owning the Warriors and that he would look to direct Auckland's best young junior players to rival Australian clubs if the Tongan-US bid is successful.  "McGregor has said there's no way he's ever going to let Pacific Islanders take control of the Warriors," Fale told the Herald from the US. "That's what he told me and that goes along with what he said that, if we are the team owners, he's going to push all of the kids to go to Australian teams. And this blowback, it's like 'these Pacific Islanders, they're fine if they're going to sacrifice their body on the field for the team, but there's no way we're going to ever let them step into our shoes'."

Fale's consortium and the ARL fell out last month after they initially explored the potential to form a joint bid to buy the Warriors.

He then accused the ARL of stealing his group's ideas, before later attempting to smooth things over, but the unified bid never eventuated.

McGregor was reluctant to respond to Fale's latest claims but revealed he had previously faced similar accusations from the outspoken 36-year-old, which led to talks between the two groups falling apart.

"Does it need a response? It's crazy and it shows how crazy he is," McGregor said.

            - NZ Herald

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