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Cook Islands Cricket had so much fun with their ‘Mini World Cup’ event last weekend, they are back with more junior cricket these school holidays.

80 children turned out to Nukupure Park on Easter Saturday for Cook Islands Cricket’s ‘Mini World Cup’ event.

Nukupure Park in Muri will be the centre of island cricketing fun this Saturday.

Cricket world cup mania is coming to Rarotonga in the form of a ‘Mini World Cup’ on Easter Saturday in Muri for cricket-loving local tamariki. 

Golden fun at mama cricket

Tuesday March 17, 2015

 Plenty of good old fashioned fun was had at the Turangi oval as mama cricketers gathered for the first hit-out of the new Golden Mama cricket.

This Saturday will mark the first weekend of Golden Mama cricket.

ADMISSION will be free at this year’s the 21South Group Vaka of Origin II series that gets underway next week.

The organisers of the 21South Group Vaka of Origin II Twenty20 are hoping for a fitting finale to the three leg series tomorrow at Turangi Park.

The organizers of the 21South Group Vaka of Origin II Twenty20 have postponed the final leg of the series to next week Saturday.

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