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Turangi and Tupapa take cricket titles

Tuesday December 12, 2017 Written by Published in Cricket
Punanga Kaveao scored 30 not out, including a six. 17121103 Punanga Kaveao scored 30 not out, including a six. 17121103

While it was business as usual for the Turangi women’s cricket team on finals day at the weekend, the club’s stranglehold on men’s cricket was broken as Tupapa Panthers stole their crown in spectacular fashion.


In the women’s final Muri development side opted to bat first and opener Tina Mato seemed intent on picking at runs as quickly as possible.

She scored 34 runs from 27 balls while partner Paeru Toutika was content to get her in-form partner back on strike whenever possible.

Mato ultimately finished as the top scorer before being caught out, and Toutika soon followed her to the dressing room on 19.

Muri’s middle order was unable to get much going against a fierce Turangi bowling unit, but the exception being Punanga Kaveao, who smashed balls all around Turangi field on her way to 30 runs not out.

While their score of 99 was fine, Turangi conceded an amazing number of extras, including 20 wides, which gave Muri a more respectable 121 (for four) run total.

Turangi started the run chase somewhat slowly, looking like they were involved in a five-day Test match as opposed to a 20/20 final.

Opener Teremoana More dropped anchor, focusing on battling defensively over scoring runs, while Ina Willie scored at a solid if unspectacular rate.

More was soon dismissed for five, and Willie soon followed her on 19, which is when the fireworks started.

June George upped the scoring with a brisk 22, and Tekupa Kaukura exploded with a match high 53 that Muri had no answer for.

Fielders were set up in the right positions, but there was little that they could do as the duo combined for five sixes.

This onslaught was too much for the development side, and Turangi celebrated their win in the 13th over with a six.

Following that match was the Turangi men against the Tupapa Panthers, and the home side took a very different approach to their female counterparts.

The Turangi scoresheet was littered with boundaries and dot balls, as the intent seemed to be to take advantage of the small boundaries and swing at everything.

For the most part, this strategy paid dividends as their openers combined for a massive, seemingly match-winning 132, with Tutu Tangimetua top scoring on the day with 82.

His dismissal did have the potential to take the wind out of their sails, but number three Toutika Ioane continued where he left off, and smashed 72 off 20 balls.

He looked absolutely unstoppable, and at one point he had hit seven sixes in a row.

Unfortunately, the rest of their middle order collapsed, with just 20 runs from four batsmen, and two ducks.

However, Turangi seemed confident, and their daunting score of 237 for six left the Panthers with a mountain to climb against the champions.

And victory seemed a long way off after a shaky start. A fielding mishap saved the Panthers from losing a wicket in the opening over, but they lost three in the next three overs.

The tough start did nothing to shake their confidence however, as they continued the theme of the day with another amazing onslaught from the middle order.

Batters four to seven combined for 199, with none of them scoring less than 40 runs.

After claiming the early wickets, it did seem as though Turangi went onto cruise control, as they carelessly bowled a number of wides that extended overs for the Panthers.

The well-earned win was reached after 19 overs, and although the Panthers did celebrate prematurely they ended the game with a boundary to break Turangi’s iron grip on the men’s trophy.

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