Meeting to discuss series decider

Wednesday February 15, 2017 Written by Published in Cricket

The organisers of the 21South Group Vaka of Origin II Twenty20 cricket series were scheduled to meet last night to discuss the hosting of the final leg.


The wet weather over the past two weeks forced the postponement of the third leg, which was initially supposed to be played a fortnight ago. But the organisers are optimistic of improved conditions this week so they can hold the decider this Saturday at Turangi Field.

Sponsor Grant Walker met with Cook Islands Cricket chief executive officer Davis Teinaki and the Sky Pacific Town and Varo Media Country managers last night to discuss on the remaining leg.

“Clearly it was unfortunate that the field was unplayable two weeks ago and while we might’ve snuck it in on Saturday with the glorious weather, we’re now up against the league season and that’s affecting team composition,” Walker said.

“We have a couple of ideas and I do want to get it done sooner rather than later, but I prefer to hold any real comments till after the meeting,” he said.

The series, which was played in the men’s and women’s divisions this year, started off with a bang.

In the men’s, Country won the opening leg before Town leveled the series with a superb comeback in the second leg.

In the women’s competition, Country sealed the series win after winning both games.

While the teams are all psyched up for the decider, the postponement may have sucked a bit of joy out of the series.

“Absolutely we’ve lost momentum but, as I’ve said from the very beginning, this is only six months out from the first one and we’re going to learn by making mistakes and then correcting those mistakes and I’m happy to be party to the corrections.”

“With a full year to plan, I think will absolutely be starting the series the very first weekend after the new year rather than the end of January and that should give us two to three additional weeks in the ‘donut hole’ and between the codes.”

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