Mini world cup an overwhelming success

Thursday April 09, 2015 Written by CIC Published in Cricket
A ‘South African’ team member appeals to the umpire for a wicket. A ‘South African’ team member appeals to the umpire for a wicket.

80 children turned out to Nukupure Park on Easter Saturday for Cook Islands Cricket’s ‘Mini World Cup’ event.

The children played as teams from Ireland, Pakistan, India, South Africa, Australia, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka.

Cook Islands Cricket chief executive officer Alister Stevic was surprised by the turnout.

“We were expecting around 25 to 35 children and to have more than twice that turn up doubled our expectations,” says Stevic. 

Stevic says that in all, the youngsters played up to four games each and had a lot of fun swapping around playing as the different countries.

They were given chocolates and certificates and had a sausage sizzle for lunch. 

"We had hoped to hand out free balls but will instead have to hand them out to the kids when they arrive back to school - once we track down the whereabouts of the ball in the post. All in all it was a fantastic day and really showed that the kids love playing cricket.”

Cook Islands Cricket received lots of support for the event and they thank partners the Indian High Commission, The Computer Man and Cricket Express. They also thank all the helpers on the day including the national women’s team, Pakia Wichman, Daniel Toa, Iro Maroroa, Kinika Hakai, Tereinga Maoate and all the parents who helped to ensure it was a positive and fun event for the kids.    

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