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Golden fun at mama cricket

Tuesday March 17, 2015 Written by Published in Cricket
Mama T waits in the crease as a ball is fired to her opposite batting partner. Mama T waits in the crease as a ball is fired to her opposite batting partner.

 Plenty of good old fashioned fun was had at the Turangi oval as mama cricketers gathered for the first hit-out of the new Golden Mama cricket.

In all 18 Golden Mama cricket players aged 40 and over turned out for the game.

The oldest player on the day was the ever-graceful Rupe Piakura who scored 20 not out before having to retire (under Goldies rules).

Nikao’s Tupe also scored 20 to retire and To Moetaua was close behind with 16 runs.

Cricket newcomers Toru John and Juliet Apera were aces with the ball, each picking up a wicket in their first over.

Cook Islands cricket chief executive officer Alister Stevic said it was a really enjoyable day and it was fantastic to see many new faces turning up.

“It shows you that you are never too old to give cricket a go!” 

Helping Stevic to organise the Golden Mama cricket was the energetic Enua Peyroux. 

Enua thanked all the players making the effort to turn up in uniform, welcomed new faces and thanked everyone who contributed to making it a fun day including Amoa More for his efforts in preparing the field.

With the first day over the Golden Mama players are anxious for more games and plans are already underway to schedule a Pukapuka versus Takitumu match in the near future.

If you are over 40 and keen on having a fun game of cricket, contact Enua Peyroux on 72452 or Alister Stevic on 55740.  

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