‘The good guys’ give cricket umpires the OK

Monday November 24, 2014 Written by CIC/MW Published in Cricket
‘The good guys’ give cricket umpires the OK

The RAROTONGA Cricket Umpires Association (RCU) received a major boost in support last week when the Motor Centre announced it would sign on as the key partner for the umpires development programme.


The RCU was established as part of Cook Islands Cricket’s strategic plan to create more sustainable committees capable of self-managing development. 

According to umpires co-coordinator Nauma Atiau the men are looking forward to encouraging a few more females into their ranks.

“There are a lot of capable females umpiring at the moment however most are either involved as a player or in scoring.”

Atiau expects that as women retire from playing they will be encouraged to join the Association. Umpires co-coordinator Oliver Syme said that the Motor Centre’s support is key in helping the Association achieve 

their objectives.

“More people umpiring, more education for our umpires and our members umpiring at international tournaments. With the Motor Centre’s support these objectives are a lot more achievable for us!” 

Syme added that they have now been able to source education manuals and resources from New Zealand and will be able to make educational visits to the outer islands, especially Mangaia, in February of next year.

With plenty more cricket scheduled for December, January and February the local umpires will have plenty of time to develop their skills and get good use out of their Motor Centre branded uniforms.

If you are interested in joining the Motor Centre Rarotonga Cricket Umpires Association then contact Nauma Atiau 56393 on or Oliver Syme 22055.


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