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Cricket high performance recruiting

Thursday August 29, 2013 Written by Published in Cricket

Cook Islands Cricket’s second round of recruitment is open for players wanting to join the High Performance Programme (HPP), beginning with a compulsory meeting this evening at the CICA office at 5pm.

Cook Islands Cricket chief executive officer Alister Stevic said that the demands prior to the Croatian visit and currently within the HPP are significantly higher than in previous times.

“Our strategy is simple, target, recruit, train and reward players who are 100 per cent dedicated to training and doing simple things such as communicating with management. The association hasn’t had that from all players in the past and the national team’s performances reflected that.”

Stevic went on to say that it was pleasing to see the new strategy worked in the recent Croatia series.

“We had a very young side, eight players under 19, the youngest national team on average in the region, they were exceptionally committed, showed huge heart and worked harder in the field than any other team I have been involved with,” which Stevic went on to say represents a positive short and long term investment in the success of its national teams.

The association is looking forward to seeing a number of new younger male and female players at tonight’s meeting.

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