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Croatia’s final showdown

Thursday August 15, 2013 Written by Published in Cricket

The visiting Croatia New Zealand cricket team have been inspiring local cricketers all week and tonight they will have their final tour match against the national men’s cricket team at the BCI Stadium in Nikao.

The star studded visiting team faced the national women’s team on Monday night in what was a unique and fun-filled matchup between the two teams.

While the men’s Croatia team beat the local women’s side – scoring 199 runs in the twenty-20 match while the local women were all out for 41 – there were high praises for the local ladies side.

In fact, Croatia team captain John Vujnovich told the ladies team that they had put on a spectacular fielding performance and were as good as, if not better than, some of the teams they have faced.

Marie Kaukura was named the player of the match for her outstanding performance that saw her take three wickets from her four overs.

The Croatia team then faced a young and inexperienced national men’s cricket team and again won the match by posting 169 runs while the Cooks scored 72.

Only five members of the national men’s team are over the age of 19 with 8 players making their cricketing debut for the national team.

15-year old Vane Tangimetua Jnr was in standout form for the local side and was named player of the match.

The visitors then had a double header last night when they faced both the women’s and men’s team at the BCI Stadium.

The Croatia team will then face the national men’s team again in what is expected to be the most competitive of the games they play in Rarotonga.

Tonight’s game will bowl into action at 6.30pm and expected to wrap up at around 9.30pm when the Croatia team will be hosted by the local cricketing family to thank them for inspiring the next crop of national cricketers in the Cooks.

Expect to see some big hits and super-fast bowling with Croatia’s top bowler Joe Jovich registering a 142km per hour delivery this week – so get along to the BCI Stadium for some exciting cricket.

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