Niueans fight to retain language

Saturday April 15, 2017

NIUE – Niuean leaders are calling for locals and Niueans living abroad to fight for the preservation of Niuean language.

PNG press ban a colonial flashback

Saturday April 15, 2017

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – A ban on local media from covering press conferences held by Australia’s prime minister Malcolm Turnbull during his visit to Papua New Guinea has been described as an example of remnant attitudes leftover from colonial times.


Thursday April 13, 2017


Students bong session went viral

Thursday April 13, 2017

FIJI – Six students of a high school in Nadi have been removed from the institution after they were photographed allegedly smoking drugs.

Nuie league looking for talent

Thursday April 13, 2017

NIUE – Niue’s rugby league coach is hoping that more players with Niuean heritage will be discovered now that an Emerging Nations World Championship has been confirmed.

Child labour decreasing

Thursday April 13, 2017

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – The International Labour Organisation says Papua New Guinea’s government is making inroads to the problem of child labour.

GUAM – A chorus of voices on Guam is questioning the governor’s decision to withdraw his support for the military build-up.

Four Vanuatu MPs cross the floor

Thursday April 13, 2017

VANUATU – Four MPs in Vanuatu have crossed the floor strengthening government numbers but still not by enough to ensure proposed constitutional reforms.

Barred from press conferences

Thursday April 13, 2017

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – A veteran journalist says she was  told she could not attend press conferences during last week’s visit to Papua New Guinea by Australia’s prime minister.

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