Australia has said it would support Fiji's bid to join a potential trans-Tasman travel bubble amid the Covid-19 pandemic, RNZP reports.

Confirmed Covid-19 cases in Indonesia's Papua province has rocketed past four hundred, reports RNZP.

The US aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, which has been stuck in Guam for the past month, is struggling to get free of Covid-19.

More than 60,000 babies are expected to be born in the Pacific Island countries in the 40 week period since the global pandemic was declared on March 11, UNICEF has revealed.

Fiji’s prime minister has announced the continuation of Covid-19 restrictions in the country despite almost a month without a new case.

New Zealand National Party List-MP Alfred Ngaro said a lot of people are confused about why a Cook Islander has jumped to the defence of New Zealand Maori in regards to their rights to hold tangihana (funerals) on marae to grieve for their loved ones.

Captain James Cook arrived in the Pacific 250 years ago, triggering British colonisation of the region. Recent Cook commemorations have been quiet on sexual encounters and their profound impact on indigenous women, writes Katie Pickles, Professor of History at the University of Canterbury for The Conversation.

Samoa’s prime minister says he has deep reservations about reopening its border.

Coronavirus hits Pacific aid efforts with NGOs under pressure to cut their workforces.

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