AUSTRALIA – Often shunned by an Australian society that did not recognise their service, today Indigenous veterans  led the national Anzac Day march for the very first time.

Niue’s war effort unrecognised

Wednesday April 26, 2017

NIUE – Most of them had never worn shoes let alone marched in greatcoats on a cold, wet battlefield. Most of them couldn’t even speak English.

FRENCH PACIFIC – The French Pacific territories had some of the highest rates of abstention in the first round of the French presidential elections.

Fiji ‘excluded’ from Pacer Plus

Wednesday April 26, 2017

FIJI – Fiji’s Trade Minister Faiyaz Koya says Fiji didn’t pull out of the Pacer Plus trade negotiations – he says his country was  excluded.

Numbers down amid tight security

Wednesday April 26, 2017

ANZAC DAY – Assessments from Anzac Day dawn services in Australia suggest crowds were well down, especially at Sydney’s Martin Place, amid tightened security by New South Wales Police.


Friday April 21, 2017


Charged protesters seek stay

Friday April 21, 2017

NAURU – The 19 Nauruans charged in connection with an anti-government protest nearly two years ago are seeking a temporary stay on their trial.

Call for restorative justice

Friday April 21, 2017

TONGA – With Tonga police continuing a crackdown on alcohol related crime, there is a call for the country to consider restorative justice for first time offenders.

Premier to review festival

Friday April 21, 2017

NIUE – Niue’s Premier wants to review the island’s  Arts and Cultural Festival next year if he wins his seat in next month’s election. Sir Toke Talagi admitted the festival, which takes place every two years, had deviated from what he originally thought it should be.

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