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FRENCH PACIFIC – A leading French Polynesian pro-independence politician has described the French government’s stance towards its Pacific colonies as “schizophrenic”.

PACIFIC – A proposed combined Pacific Islands Super Rugby team has the backing of a number of former players and administrators.

Three senior journalists and an opinion writer at the Fiji Times have been found not guilty of charges of sedition by a panel of three assessors.

New Caledonia's Labour Party says it doesn't share the enthusiasm over the visit of the French president Emmanuel Macron's two weeks ago.

New Zealand's associate finance minister has blamed "closely failed states in the Pacific" for his country's drug problems.

French Polynesians - The French Polynesians have a legend about a famine that occurred on the island of Ra’iatea.

Pacific Briefs

Tuesday May 15, 2018


“It is about bloody time.”

Those are the words a senior figure in New Zealand rugby said when I was investigating the plans to get a Pacific team into the Super Rugby competition.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – A Russian warship will make a port visit to Papua New Guinea for the first time this week.

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