PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Papua New Guinea’s electoral commissioner has been forced to reassure church leaders he is not asking the country’s Governor-General to evoke an apocalyptic biblical prophecy.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Audiences around the world will soon have the chance to see what life is like inside one of Australia’s offshore detention centres.


Sunday April 02, 2017


FRENCH POLYNESIA – Police in French Polynesia have detained two men after the discovery of about 200 kilograms of cocaine on an abandoned yacht.

Tonga casino moves closer

Sunday April 02, 2017

TONGA – A company looking to build a casino in Tonga has reportedly been given tentative approval from the government.

PNG offers dual citizenship

Sunday April 02, 2017

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Vanuatu, Fiji and Samoa are among eight prescribed countries whose passport holders will be allowed to hold dual citizenship in Papua New Guinea.

Fiji Times offices searched

Sunday April 02, 2017

FIJI – The main office of one of Fiji’s main newspapers, the Fiji Times, was searched by police this week in connection with an ongoing sedition case.

NEW ZEALAND – A spindly, crooked tree that appears to have grown up out of a lake has become an unlikely internet star and the most photographed tree in New Zealand.

NEW ZEALAND – A Vanuatu food company giving overseas seasonal workers a taste of home is set to increase its workforce as sales rise.

NEW ZEALAND – A Samoan father-of-five–  who claims he was offered a job as a church youth pastor and then made to work “like a slave” in an orchard  – has been deported.

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