Small World (206)

Captain James Cook arrived in the Pacific 250 years ago, triggering British colonisation of the region. Recent Cook commemorations have been quiet on sexual encounters and their profound impact on indigenous women, writes Katie Pickles, Professor of History at the University of Canterbury for The Conversation.

Samoa’s prime minister says he has deep reservations about reopening its border.

Coronavirus hits Pacific aid efforts with NGOs under pressure to cut their workforces.

Since late 2018, West Papuan separatists have engaged in an escalating series of deadly skirmishes with Indonesian security forces as they renew a decades-old push for independence.

South Pacific island nations have dodged the worst ravages of the coronavirus pandemic, but now face a stark choice between a risky reopening to tourists – and economic collapse.

Fiji has put its hand up to join New Zealand and Australia's travel bubble amid the Covid-19 pandemic, RNZP reports.

The region is still grappling with both the fear of and the real impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic but the US territory of Guam, the hardest hit of all Pacific islands, is now making moves to ease social restrictions.

FRENCH POLYNESIA – France has formally ceded its former navy command centre in Papeete to French Polynesia.

TONGA – Prime Minister Pohiva Tu‘i‘onetoa said asking whether the Tongan government was going to start its own airline was the wrong question.

A crisis is escalating in Samoa as the tourism industry, the mainstay of the nation’s economy, disintegrates under the weight of the coronavirus pandemic.

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