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Niue has extended its travel restrictions until the end of August, RNZ reports.

FIJI – The Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre has warned of a spike in domestic violence during the enforced Covid-19 lockdown and curfew in the country.

Letter to court ignored

Wednesday May 06, 2020

SAMOA – A Supreme Court judge in Samoa has ruled that one of the accused in an alleged plot to assassinate the prime minister be freed on bail.

FIJI – Fijian lawyer Ana Tuiketei Bolabiu (pictured) has become the first Pacific counsel on a global roster working for the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague.

Pacific governments are being accused of using the coronavirus emergency as a cover to control the press.

Fiji hard hit by dengue

Tuesday May 05, 2020

Fiji – Fiji’s government says there are more than 700 cases of dengue in the country and most of them have been found in the northern and central divisions.

Hawai‘i’s idea of marketing itself as the “Safest Place on Earth” in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis is being met with some scepticism locally.

Fiji - How do you upskill Pacific communities to take care of themselves during extreme weather events? And how do you get them to harness their traditional knowledge and skills in adapting to climate change?

Samoa’s former Head of State has criticised statements made by the prime minister as being rude and ridiculing of the framers of the country’s Constitution, RNZP has reported.

Papua New Guinea – The prospect of the spread of coronavirus in a country with just 500 doctors and around 5000 hospital beds and which struggles to deal with even routine illnesses has terrified the public, The Guardian reported.

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