Island connections with project go back 25 years

Monday June 11, 2018 Written by Published in Virtues in Paradise

Kia Orana from the “almost mid-most” heart of the Ocean which is Rarotonga in the Cook Islands (Aitutaki has the official title).

We are very proud to be part of The Virtues Project International Family. And we say meitaki maata (thank you) to everyone who has been involved in the Virtues 30th Anniversary celebrations, uniting the hearts of thousands that make up the worldwide Virtues Family for this special occasion.

As a country we were touched by the Virtues some 25 years ago when Linda and Dan were invited to the Cook Islands by Eleitino Paddy Walker.

Out of that initial five-day workshop we are blessed to still have some of those original facilitators sharing the Virtues Project in our communities and our schools. More recently, we created Virtues in Business. The Cook Islands obviously touched the hearts of Linda and Dan. We were blessed with many visits from Linda, Dan and John over the years and now we actually have Linda and Dan living among us. How lucky are we.

We have translated the Virtues into our local official language of Cook Islands Maori. These sets of cards have stunning Polynesian inspired carvings from which to draw inspiration. We created posters for school classrooms and other venues and one even found its way into parliament a few years ago, courtesy of the then Speaker of the House.

While we are a small not-for-profit organisation, our reach extends throughout the 15 islands of the Cook Islands which are scattered like jewels amongst 2 million square kilometres of ocean. We maintain a connection via the internet with the schools on all these tiny islands and are delighted with the creativity and commitment of both teachers and students.

Ongoing funding for our resources comes from the generosity of several local businesses. We have also received funding in the past from two community grants. Aitutaki Island residents enjoy the bounty of actually having Linda and Dan living in their midst and it is a joy to behold how their presence has influenced profoundly a culture of virtues in peoples’ daily lives.

As a token of our appreciation as we will be presenting Certificates of Excellence to individuals and groups throughout the Cook Islands. in commemoration of The Virtues Project’s 30th Anniversary during the month of June.

            Jolene Bosanquet,

            Virtues Cook Islands Inc

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