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Welcome back to school, kids! is a message especially for you from Mama Virtues. If you don’t read yet, I hope your family will read this to you out loud.


Here’s my question: Do you want to have a good time in school or a great time? Here are some virtues tips to start your school year in a great way. Virtues are gifts you have within you. They are your keys to success, whether in making friends or doing your best in school. When you were born, God was giving a new present to the world, just like at Christmas. Your job is to open and use the gifts God gave you so they will grow strong, like a plant that gets plenty of sun and rain to become a great tree, bearing tasty fruit or beautiful flowers. The way you grow your virtues is to use them.

1.     Be Friendly. Wear a friendly smile. Show kindness to new students who don’t know anyone yet. Find a good friend and be loyal to them.

Avoid gossip and back stabbing. It hurts people. Don’t turn away from a friend when someone else comes along wanting to be your friend. Just make the circle wider.

2.    Show Respect. Listen when your teacher is talking and when another student is sharing an idea or giving a report. Be a leader in following the rules of your school and others will follow you.

3.    Use your Excellence. Give your very best to every lesson, to your homework, showing courage to learn new things.

4.    Have Confidence. Stand tall and know that you have something good to give others, whether it is your strength in a sport, your kindness when someone needs help or a gift with art. Speak up and let your voice be strong when a teacher asks a question.

5.    Be Joyful. Have fun! You are blessed to have this education. Appreciate and enjoy it. Find the subjects you love best and give them your very best effort. Everyone has special talents and abilities. Discover yours, and they may well lead you to a great job when you get older. Adults, please feel free to call on your own virtues of Friendliness, Respect, Excellence, Confidence and Joyfulness in the workplace and at home and you too, will go from good to great!

Linda Kavelin-Popov

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“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” Rumi

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