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Smoke Signals


Heard a funny real-life story or something out of the ordinary? Lighthearted Smoke Signals will be accepted for our opinion pages by e-mail ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), text to 188 or a phone call to the newsroom on 22999. Please note, material that goes beyond the bounds of decent taste or is defamatory is not likely to be used. Don’t forget to give us your name and contact number in case we need to check details and verify facts. All correspondence is confidential.


Go on, smoke it!

Contemptuous of everyone

Friday November 18, 2016

THE CONTEMPT OF court case being brought against a well-known media personality with highly inflammatory views will be interesting.

Why not fly the US flag?

Thursday November 17, 2016

FLYING FLAGS. TO the writer about the removal of US flags - who I believe is a Kiwi, has PR and very lucky to live here in the Cook Islands - why not fly the US flag?

Cost is freight-ening!

Wednesday November 16, 2016

NOW THAT WE have more than adequate shipping service to the outer islands with the arrival of Taio Shipping’s extra boat and also the barge, one would expect a cheaper freight service.

Sevens series on its last legs

Monday November 14, 2016

THE RUGBY Sevens party is over and, for sure, the game is dying. Just look at the number of import players that fill teams.

Boozy rugby players again

Friday November 11, 2016

LAST YEAR TABUSORO players crashed a car and left the island.


Tuesday November 08, 2016

“THE RUGBY SEVENS in Heaven of last week had some very disappointing features, like public safety.  

“I HAVE NO particular view on the merits of the airline subsidies (not having done the maths) but yesterday’s anonymous writer may need to do their maths again,” a smoke signaller says.

“IT’S GOOD TO see that the cost of a Cook Islands driver’s licence has been raised to the same level that motorists pay in Australia and New Zealand,” a smoke signaller says.

So just who’s the boss?

Thursday November 03, 2016


“IT'S A SIGHT I haven’t seen before on a Sunday, but it was great to see the police mount a checkpoint just past the airport last weekend,” a smoke signaller says.

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