Thursday May 30, 2019 Published in Smoke Signals

Can the government please explain why Minister Rose Brown and Toka Hagai both have government houses on Rarotonga. What’s the justification here when Minister Brown owns her own homes in Rarotonga and it’s well known that this is her permanent island of residence? Hagai is not an MP, does not have a government role on Rarotonga (or has he secretly been given a job?). So how does he qualify for a government house?



How fast was the SUV travelling to go through the block wall and cyclone fence of the Betela Meeting House? And if the wall had not been there, would any of the children sleeping inside now be dead? When will our politicians pass laws that actually bring people to justice?


THE BSP ATMs at the airport and in the new KAPS store in Matavera are misleading and a waste of space since they aren’t functioning. Makes you wonder if they’re like the pub with no beer or the bank with no cash. Bad advertising if ever there was such – an atm that doesn’t work.


To add some more fuel to the discussion, here are some facts…In 1835, Admiral Adam Johann von Krusenstern, of the Russian Imperial Navy, changed the name of the Cook Islands as we now know them from Hervey Islands to Cook Islands in honour of Captain Cook, whom he greatly admired.  Can we imagine if he had named our islands after himself, which was not uncommon in those days? We would then be known as “von Krusenberg islands”, or better still “von Krusenberg islanders”. Wow. As the song goes “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone,” hey paradise.


Why did five senior staff at the Ministry of Health, leave their beloved jobs to seek employment elsewhere within a year of the new HOM being put in place? Why would you leave a Ministry that received the PSC excellence award? What’s happening? Who’s next?  To the PSC commissioner Russel, don’t you think you need to investigate your HOMs on what they are doing?


The world is usually not adapted to old people. Young people in decision making positions do often not understand the difficulties that will face them when they get old. The parking lots at both CITC Supermarket and Prime Foods are fitted with bollards, pieces of wood to prevent cars from parking too close to the wall or foot path. Are they really necessary? When you are young they are easy to step or even jump over but for an old person they may be obstacles to both walking and pushing the shopping cart past. A few weeks ago an elderly lady stumbled on a bollard. She fell and broke the neck of her thigh bone. Complications led to her death six days later.

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