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Friday December 21, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

I was appalled when switching on the TV early last evening around 5-5.30pm before the TVNZ Midday News. Mrs Brown's Boys, a BBC British comedy was screening on VAKA TV. I love this series – it’s very funny, but with regular four letter swear words being used and sexual innendo, it is not suitable for children.

The BBC transmit this series at 9.30pm in the UK after the 9pm “watershed” so young people do not view this sort of material.  I really think there should be some sort of control for this sort of thing in this country, as children should not be subjected to material like this at a young age.


A smoke signaller in CINews on December 17 paper blames rising long-term rental house prices on foreign workers and foreign-owed businesses. The actual reason is due to supply and demand. So many locals in the last few years have converted their long-term rentals to tourism rentals, that supply of long-term rentals has significantly decreased. With very little supply and no change in demand, prices have gone up.


Recently I walked into the CITC Building Centre and saw a prisoner happy shopping as if he had never been sentenced at all. What is the point of sentencing someone to jail and yet they get freedom to walk around in a building store (full of equipment capable of killing someone), without police supervision! Whoever gave him that release didn’t put themselves in the shoes of the victim/s. Why send him to jail in the first place! What would have happened if a victim worked there? Where’s the safety of the community. What example is the CIPD showing us? That it’s OK to commit a crime?


Deputy prime minister Mark Brown seems hellbent on venting his displeasure over the recent Court of Appeal decision regarding Rakahanga. As a Minister of the Crown, he should restrain himself and not attack the judiciary. Wait for the Te Mato Vai court case Mark, then you can complain about the $120 million- plus expenditure to CCECC.


Can the Education minister explain to all the families in the Cook Islands, why is there so much school fundraising going on? If it’s not for school projects and activities, then why cannot the government pay for these expenses? Families pay school fees and also have to pay for uniforms and other things which at the end of the day takes away all the child benefit money.


I believe Police minister Mac Mokoroa’s personal attacks on Police Commissioner Maara Tetava are so unprofessional. When one compares Mokoroa’s employment history to the Police Commissioner’s, his one is by far the worst. Have a heart and let the guy gracefully depart after the Christmas and New Years celebrations.

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