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Monday December 17, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

Bad news from the Tokyo Olympics site

The secretary general of CISNOC said recently that the Olympic facilities in Tokyo are up to Cook Islands standards. Let’s hope not, since our sports arena is falling apart!



Who is the wannabe politician whose latest party trick is to fire his loaded shotgun over the heads of his drinking guests?


Can someone stop the political victimisation of people in Atiu and elsewhere in the Cooks, for that matter? It’s just shameful.


The cost of leasing land on Rarotonga is now so high, that not all Cook Islanders can do it. Now house rentals are also on the rise and to pay them on an average Cook Island wage, is getting harder and harder. Non-Cook Islanders, both business and private, have pushed up the prices because they have the money to pay top dollar. Foreign workers are brought in for those businesses and have pushed up the rental market. For Cook Islanders from the outer islands or Rarotongans that are not landowners - the dream of building a house for your family, which is what everyone strives for, is getting harder and harder. We don’t want to go overseas to earn more money, we want to stay in our own country. New Zealand let foreign real estate ownership, private home owners and businesses raise the prices so high, that the average New Zealand wage earner, can no longer dream of buying a home for their family. Renting is so expensive, you live a life of constant stress. To government and the families of Rarotonga: don’t make the same mistake as New Zealand. Make it harder for foreign ownership. Give hope back to all Cook Islanders, for that dream, that same dream our forefathers had, to provide a home for their families.


The picture on the second page, of the December 5 CINews containing seabed minerals story was very funny. Did you notice the guy with the Nauru t-shirt on, sitting in the back row? I hope he doesn’t work for the DPM.


Christmas is coming – and all the dangerous drivers are returning to our roads. Seen on the back road at Kavera last week, a young girl riding standing up on the back of a motorbike seat behind a woman riding along the back road. She was holding herself up by putting her hands against the woman’s shoulders.  If a truck had come around the corner, they both could have been killed.

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